This is going to be a wonderful place to learn the basics of teaching your dog tricks. We will be providing the demonstrations in a positive and loving environment. This will be a place where you can get the opportunity to bond with your dog in a new and fun way.

The demonstrations will be captured on video so you can actually witness the process of the training. Most sites offer text with pictures but it is like learning how to cook from a cookbook. You don’t get the whole thing unless you see it in action.

We will offer archives of the demonstrations with still shots for those that want to print and take with them to the park. Once we get a few confirmed subscribers, we will make the videos downloadable for smartphones and pads. We are currently working on an eBook in the Kindle format. Other formats to follow.

If you have a training issue with your dog, please leave us a message and we will see if we can help.

All this will be offered FREE to you as we feel it is important to bond with your dog and money should not be an issue.

Well.. off to the park to start the demonstrations!